I have always received good service from FBB. Timing and quality have always met my expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner.

James Nick

Founder and CEO Primeplus


Why our warehouse locate in California?

California nearby the western coast of United States,which is 2nd city of USA and biggest import harbor.The express delivery time is 2-4 days to most field of United states.Logistic facilities are very easy to be used in this city.

Why you can get 45 days free storage from FBB?

We are very happy to make new customer to try to use our great service for your distribution in USA and make a long term relation-shipment !

Why you need a great oversea warehouse in United States?

Open your market in United States, Delivery your order in a short time. Dealing your eCommerce brand. Build a branch in USA will cost you too much,what you need is find a great warehouse as your distributor and pay a few cost for the storage and dispatch. Its a easy service from FBB.

Compare the FBB vs FBA

We are more effective and lower cost. Our WMS & OMS make API for your orders which make the customers deal their orders much more easier and save the cost of business.

Do FBB supply the packages for order?

Yes , we do. But normally we hope the customer packed their items then delivery to our warehouse which save your cost and also make us more quick to arrange the dispatch.

Who is the importer when importing to USA?

Customer need to dealing with the importing issue by themselves , if they can’t do it , FBB will contact our USA Custom Partner to make it and charge the right fee to our customers.

How to deal with the unsalable stock ?

FBB will contact stock cleaner for sale and many of sale channel for clearance. Meanwhile the WMS of FBB will guide you how to make plan of your restock and sale plan to avoid unsalable stock.

How to know you have receive our shipment?

You need login our WMS and report the ‘ASN’ for every shipment. After we got the shipment , the statu of this ASN will show ‘on shelf’.

How to deal with mistake dispatch ?

Our great WMS will make every order zero mistake , even if there is any mistake cuased by FBB. We will resend the right one again for free. But the item’s or extra loss we cant amend for customer.

Why place a send order but no dispatch ?

Your item illegal or some other problem. If what happened like this, just contact our customer for assistance.

How to deal with wrong dimension of a SKU ?

FBB warehouse will make the right dimension to customer for confirm and make it revised

How to deal with the account balance if customer quit ?

If the user don’t want to use our service any more . He/She can contact our customer service to refund the balance in their account.

Not sure which solution fits you business needs?